Ordinary membership

Who is eligible to apply?

Under the Society’s constitution, Ordinary membership describes those who fit the following criteria:

(a) Medical practitioners registered to practice in a State or Territory of Australia who are Fellows of the Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists; or

(b) Medical practitioners registered to practice in a State or Territory in Australia who have completed training and hold a postgraduate qualification acceptable to the Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and the Society, who have achieved specialist recognition in Australia.

Ordinary members have access to full privileges of membership. Full access includes receiving notices and journals, attending and voting at business meetings of the Society, and being Office Bearers or members of Committees and Sub-Committees.

Discounted membership is available for below categories. To find out more, check other membership types :

Membership Benefits

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Member Rates

*Fees cover the calendar year and include GST. Pro-rata fees are available for those joining later in the year.

All 2021 ASA member category rates can be viewed here.

How to Join

To apply for ASA membership

Applications are generally approved within three business days.

For further information on any of these please contact our Membership Services Team on 1800 806 654 or membership@asa.org.au