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The ASA provides ‘Position Statements’ as a reflection of the ASA stated position on various aspects of the provision of anaesthesia services.

The ASA Position Statements should not be relied upon as legally binding documents, nor can these documents replace specific legal advice which may be required in certain circumstances. Rather, they provide information about suggested best practice standards and appropriate behaviour.

ASA Uluru Statement NEW

ASA PS01 - The Provision of ‘Out of Hours’ Anaesthetic Services (Revised)

ASA PS02 - Risk management (Revised)

ASA PS03 - Minimum Facilities For Preanaesthesia Consultations (Revised)

ASA PS04 - Informed Financial Agreement (Revised)

ASA PS06 - Advice to Members on Product Issues (Revised)

ASA PS07 - Accreditation of Anaesthetists by Healthcare Facilities

ASA PS09 - Guidelines for Expert Witness Qualification and Testimony (Revised)

ASA PS10 - The Medical Specialty of Anaesthesia (Revised)

ASA PS11 - Code of Conduct for Members (Revised)

ASA PS13 - Anaesthesia for Gastroenterolgical Endoscopic Procedures (Revised)

ASA PS14 - Anaesthesia for Office-based Surgery

ASA PS15 - Managing Complaints (Revised)

ASA PS16 - Anaesthesia Services and Governance in Private Healthcare Facilities (Revised)

ASA PS17 - My Health Record (Revised)

ASA PS18 - The Development and Review of Professional Documents

ASA PS19 - Position Statement of the anaesthetic service provision during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic V3 Updated 14/02/2022

ASA PS20 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) in patients at high risk of COVID-19

ASA PS21 - Fit-testing for adequate respiratory protection

ASA PS22 - ASA Position on COVID vaccination

ASA PS 23 - Anaesthetists and Public-in-Private Surgery (PIP)

ASA PS 24 - ASA Position Statement on US style Managed Care in Australia

ASA PS 25 - ASA Statement on Rest Facilities in Hospitals NEW

ASA PS 26 - ASA Position Statement on Deep Sedation NEW

ASA EA01 - After Hours Obstetric Procedures

ASA EA02 - Debt Recovery Expenses

ASA EA03 - Responding to a complaint regarding professional fees

ASA Joint Statements 01 - Environment and Sustainability Statement from the Common Issue Group partners