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How to join

To join the ASA please complete one of the following forms:

*For PMET applications please provide best estimates for training commencement dates, otherwise it may delay the approval process. If your circumstances change – the training dates can be amended later.

Please note: the application form asks for an ASA member to sign as a proposer. If you do not know a member who is able to complete the form please send it to us and we can arrange this for you.

Once the form has been completed, please return it to us:


Application process

  1. Your application will be reviewed and sent to Executive Councillor.
  2. Once approved by the Executive Councillor it will be finalised by Membership Services in approximately 5 business days.
  3. Once your membership has been approved, we will send you an email and pack to welcome to you to the Society.
  4. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact our Membership team by email:

For member benefits download our membership brochure.