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The Society also offers the following types of membership dependent on members circumstances:

Retired membership

Retired membership is available to those who have retired from full-time practice and still have an interest in the profession.

Postgraduate Training

An Ordinary member who undertakes postgraduate training in anaesthesia, intensive care, pain management or related disciplines, may be entitled to a 50% discount for the period of the training.


Where a couple who are both Ordinary members are in a permanent relationship, one member is eligible for a 50% reduction to their subscription.


One who works no more than 2 x half days or less per week.

Maternity/paternity leave

Normally addressed through suspension of membership or consideration of part-time membership.

To apply for any of the above ‘other membership’ categories please email our Membership Services Team at membership@asa.org.au providing reasons for your request. Your membership request will then be submitted to the Board for their approval.