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ASA COVID-19 Update – Telehealth | Public in Private Contracts | Webinars

Thank you to the members who joined myself and ASA Councillors at our online social event last Saturday night. That night would have been the College ceremony, an event which …

06 May, 2020

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ASA COVID-19 Tips of the Week

Today’s top tips for the week:

Use a checklist AND a spotter (buddy/guardian)

For everything. Well, not quite. Do this for donning, intubation and for doffing. There are a lot of …

30 Mar, 2020

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COVID-19 Database

In coming months we may be contacted by hospitals and health services in Australia seeking appropriately trained and experienced anaesthetists to assist in anaesthesia care provision during our response to …

13 Mar, 2020

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Informed Financial Consent Guide

The Australian Government and the Australian Medical Association (AMA) have launched a new guide that will better aid Australians making decisions around medical treatments.
Empowering patients to talk about medical fees
Informed …

24 Jul, 2019

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