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ASA advocacy efforts in 2021 will focus on managed care and the risk it poses to patients and our healthcare system as private health insurers try to bring the much-maligned US-style system to Australia. We are determined to build a strong coalition against corporatised care and the following resources help explain why.

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Australian Anaesthetist

March 2021 The managed care edition includes features on the current situation in Australia and our concerns, the US experience and lessons for Australia as well as the current situation with bundled obstetrics care. Read them here.
(Members can read the full edition here).

Webinars (ASA Members)

Date Links
26 November 2020 Corporatisation of Medicine

Submissions (ASA Members)

Date Links
15 February 2021 Council of Procedural Specialists (COPS) submission to ACCC
8 February 2021 ASA wrote to the ACCC regarding Honeysuckle Health and nib

Articles of Interest (NB external links, some behind paywalls)

Date Links
29 March 2021 News CorpHBF calls for caps on health insurance premiums
17 March 2021 Medibank and doctors form new no gap hospital joint venture
15 March 2021 News CorpAustralian health funds saved $18b during COVID-19 but may not return savings to customers
15 March 2021 MJA Insight – Honeysuckle health proposal is thin end of disastrous wedge
19 November 2020 The Conversation – How the US-healthcare system works and how it’s failures are worsening the pandemic
16 November 2020 MJA Insight – Australia’s move towards “managed care”
27 September 2020 SMHCare in-the-home plan sparks warning of US-style health model

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