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Anaesthesia & You brochure

Anaesthesia & You is a brochure we produce to assist anaesthetists and patients in explaining and understanding the anaesthetic details of surgery.  Our brochure will describe the different types of anaesthesia that can be used and reassure patients what their anaesthetist’s role is post-surgery.

Members can download a complimentary pdf of Anaesthesia & You here. The pdf can be emailed to patients.

For non-members, you can view a sample copy of the patient information brochure here.

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Anaesthesia chart

We offer anaesthetists pre-anaesthesia assessment form pads to assist with ensuring all elements are covered pre-procedure with your patient.

View a sample copy of the Anaesthesia chart here.

To order the Anaesthesia chart, click here for online order.

Medical warning cards

For use when a patient has had a severe anaesthesia incident. The ASA produces warning cards to ensure all staff are aware of the incident and act upon any vital follow up information.

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