ASA membership benefits

We are a not-for-profit membership-based organisation dedicated to supportingrepresenting and educating Australian anaesthetists. We work with and for our members to ensure the high standards of the profession. We primarily focus on the economic, workforce and professional interests of our members.

Advocacy and representation

We advocate on behalf of our members at a wide range of levels including:

We have a dedicated Policy Team to assist members and their practice staff (as well as members of the public) with economic, professional, legal and workforce concerns, such as:

  1. Position Statements
  2. Informed Financial Agreement and billing
  3. Submissions
  4. Complaint handling
  5. Anaesthesia rebates and fees

Education and events

We are committed to promoting education and training in anaesthesia and related disciplines. Members have access to the following educational resources:

We run a variety of state and national events throughout the year including:

  1. An annual National Scientific Congress. ASA members receive a discount on their registration
  2. State and territory run Continuing Medical Education meetings (in conjunction with ANZCA)
  3. An annual conference for your practice managers
  4. Developmental workshops for ASA trainee members


You’ll have access to our wide range of publications including:


We have merchandise to assist members in their practice available for purchase including:

Other services

ASA Advantage Program
Through our corporate partnerships, you are able to access special discounts on selected hotels, vehicle, financial services and more.

Volunteer work
We strongly support volunteer work and the promotion of anaesthesia training in developing countries through our Overseas Development and Education Committee (ODEC).

Historical collection
Our museum and historic book collection provide a resource to explore the history and development of anaesthetic practice, highlighting uniquely Australian advancements.

Advertising of positions vacant or locums
You can advertise position vacancies or locum availability on our website.

ASA Benevolent Fund
Our Benevolent Fund assists members, their families and dependants during a time of serious personal hardship.

For further information please download our membership brochure or contact the Membership Services Team on 1800 806 654 or