The Society comprises of a number of committees that help lead the Society:

  1. Economics Advisory Committee
  2. Professional Issues Advisory Committee
  3. Public Practice Advisory Committee
  4. Editorial Board of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
  5. Overseas Development and Education Committee
  6. ASA Trainee Members Group
  7. General Practitioner Anaesthetists Group
  8. National Scientific Congress Committees
  9. Communications Committee
  10. Retired Anaesthetists Group
  11. History of Anaesthesia Research Unit – HARU

ASA Board and Council

ASA State Committees

It is through the activities of our State Chairs and State Committees that members are actively engaged with the work of the Society.

State Committees play a vital role in actively promoting the vision of the Society, at a State level.

ASA members can access each State’s news and current Committee members by logging onto the member’s website.

  1. New South Wales State Committee
  2. Victoria State Committee
  3. Australian Capital Territory State Committee
  4. Queensland State Committee
  5. Tasmania State Committee
  6. South Australia and Northern Territory State Committee
  7. Western Australia State Committee

For further information please contact the Executive Secretary.