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The ASA Policy Team and ANZCA have been working closely with the Australian Digital Health Agency (Agency) to take steps towards supporting and informing the ASA members and Practice Managers about My Health Record and its access.

We undertake to publish educational material to deliver My Health Record and other digital health initiative updates to members.

ASA Members are invited to provide feedback about My Health Record on the ASA Forum

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My Health Record: Cyber security for your practice: Kym Clarke, Dr Kathy Rainbird, Danielle Pentony & Tracey Weeks

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My Health Record: Digital health tools in specialist practice: Dr Kathy Rainbird



My Health Record Resources


Anaesthetists can access My Health Record as an employee of a health care organisation connected to the system. Find out how to access and view My Health Record in your hospital systems by asking your Clinical Informatics Manager or Quality manager. To find out more, anaesthetists can request a digital health education session by contacting the ASA office or the ANZCA or the Australian Digital Health Agency at

Further information on My Health Record and getting connected can be found at or by contacting the Helpline on 1300 901 001.