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  • ASA members and AIC Journal subscribers are automatically added to the open discussion groups: Open Forum and Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces.
  • Non-members can request to be set up with a guest user ID to access and join the open discussion groups.
  • ASA committee members can also be added to the closed committee discussion groups.
  • Forum users can manage their Subscription settings using the forum subscriptions tab. All forum users are set by default to ‘Individual subscriptions’. This means that they will only receive forum email notifications for the forums they have chosen to individually subscribe to.
  • If you wish to be removed from a discussion group, please fill in the form below to let us know.

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ASA Forum discussion groups

Open discussion groups

  • Open Forum
  • Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces

Committee closed discussion groups

  • TMG closed discussion group
  • EAC closed discussion group
  • PIAC closed discussion group
  • RVG review closed discussion group
  • MBS review closed discussion group
  • ODEC closed discussion group
  • Communications committee closed discussion group
  • Board closed discussion group
  • Council closed discussion group

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