History of the Society & ASA logo

The Australian Society of Anaesthetists was founded in 1934. It was established as a means to exchange ideas, for the distribution of memoranda on topics of anaesthetic interests, and to conduct inquiries relating to problems in the practice of anaesthesia in Australia.

The ASA Archives are housed at its headquarters in North Sydney. They are arranged into about 150 series following archival principles. A list of the contents of each series is below. If you would like to access any documents in the archives, please contact the curator, Belinda McMartin on 1800 806 654.

ASA Archives Series

In the 1970s and 1980s, Gwen Wilson, an anaesthetist and historian wrote two books on the history of anaesthetic practice in Australia and the history of the ASA. The research that she did to write these books is archived separately and copies are held at the ASA and the ANZCA. Listings of these papers are below.

GWEN WILSON Archive Project

Our society is now one of the largest and leading medical associations in Australia, delivering a range of services of the highest quality to members. Membership consists of specialist anaesthetist physicians as well as registrar trainees and non-specialist medical practitioner anaesthetists.

History of the logo

The ASA logo is steeped in history and tradition – but how did we end up with a hand holding an ether bowl?

For any further information on the history of the ASA please contact communication@asa.org.au.