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The ASA has been proudly supporting Global Health initiatives since the early 1980s, with a minimum of $3 per member being used to support anaesthesia education and capacity building in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.  Projects are overseen by the Overseas Development and Education Committee (ODEC).

Several opportunities exist for anaesthetists interested in supporting global health via the ASA:

  1. East Timor Fellowship supports an ASA member to assist training of East Timor anaesthesia non-specialists at the Hospital Nacional Guido Valdares (HNGV) in Dili, East Timor
  2. Sereima Bale Pacific Fellowship supports an ASA member to assist training of Pacific Trainee anaesthetists at the Fiji National University in Suva, Fiji.
  3. Real World Anaesthesia Course (RWAC). A 5-day course that aims to prepare anaesthetists for work in low- and middle-income countries (“the real world”) and various humanitarian aid situations.

On an ad hoc basis, anaesthetists may be able to join a number of ongoing projects that are supported by the ASA and are conducted in conjunction with:

  1. Laos Society of Anaesthesiologists
  2. Micronesian Anaesthesia Society
  3. Mongolian Society of Anesthesiologists
  4. Myanmar Society of Anaesthesiologists
  5. Pacific Society of Anaesthetists
  6. Société Cambodgienne d’Anesthésie de Réanimation et Médecine Urgence
  7. Solomon Islands Anaesthetic Training Centre (SIATC)

The ASA also shares opportunities in global health via:

  1. Our Overseas Development and Education Committee (ODEC) volunteer database(available to members). Register to be notified of upcoming positions.
  2. Essential Pain Management Program is funded by a number of organisations including the ASA, ANZCA, IASP, WFSA, DFAT and RACS

The ASA is a founding member of WFSA, fund raises for Lifebox, and collaborates with Interplast.