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The medical specialty of “anaesthesia” has its major roots in relatively modern times – notably starting from the 1840’s but particularly gaining momentum from the early 1900’s. Since then, increasingly rapid advances in chemistry, pharmacology, physiology and assorted technologies have led to the specialty’s highly significant progress.

This detailed timeline, which is keyword searchable, should help readers gain some insights into the evolution of the practice of modern anaesthesia, including ancient efforts at pain relief and various treatments precursing modern practice by up to several thousand years.

In order to produce the timeline, the author, Dr Reg Cammack, has gleaned and collated these snippets of historical information from multiple sources in published literature, not only for his own interest but also in the hope of piquing the interest of our members to further research the development of our specialty. He aims to produce updates and additions several times each year.

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This timeline is complete with the latest updates and additions included. Alternating background colouring helps distinguish each entry.

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To save the reader the impossible task of searching through the complete timeline for new entries each time it is updated, this document contains only the latest available updates and additions. Lines with a yellow background are updates of previous entries. Lines with either white or other coloured background represent new inclusions.