Harry Daly Museum

The Harry Daly Museum houses a collection of both historical and more recent artefacts related to the development and practice of anaesthesia. It belongs to, is cared for and treasured by the Australian Society of Anaesthetists at the Society’s headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

The collection consists of more than 2,000 items. Obviously, not all these items can be physically displayed at once, so, as well as being able to view rotating displays in the museum’s cabinets, one can view and search the collection in its entirety on e-Hive. The latter can be explored using “The Collection” link below.

The Harry Daly Museum is open to the public every Monday – Wednesday 10am-4pm by appointment (telephone 1800 806 654). As well as individuals, small groups are most welcome to visit. An informative experience definitely awaits.

The Museum has been granted deductible gift recipient status by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). By receiving this endorsement from the ATO it means that any cash donations to the Museum are now tax deductible.

This also means that if you are donating an object to the Museum it may also qualify as a tax-deductible donation. For more information regarding donating an item or making a cash donation please contact the ASA’s Curator, Librarian and Archivist 1800 806 654.

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Housed in a high-rise office block in North Sydney, the Harry Daly Museum collection focuses on the advancements in the science and practice of anaesthesia.

The collection of the Harry Daly Museum was established by Dr Harry Daly, an anaesthetist with a passion for preserving the history of the profession. Daly was also a founder of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA), who operate the museum today. Over time the collection was shaped and expanded by donations from many other doctors and hospitals and has been housed in several locations throughout its lifetime.

The Harry Daly Museum, Richard Bailey Library and Gwen Wilson Archives are located at the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) head office and are under the guidance of the History of Anaesthesia Library, Museum and Archives Committee (HALMA).

Watch an interview with Dr Reginald Cammack and Dr Rajesh Haridas about the Harry Daly Museum collection in North Sydney.

For further information, download the Museum flyer here.


Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday 10am-4pm (AEDT) by appointment

Location: 86 Chandos Street, Naremburn, NSW 2065
Ph: 02 8556 9700 / 1800 806 654


Admission is free