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The ASA is a member of Australian Business Chamber and receives updates on matters concerning employment issues. This should be regarded as a guide only and any decision made by an individual practice concerning the issues raised must be done with respect to State industrial laws.

ACT Updates

ACT – COVID-19 Update
ASA ACT State News

NSW Updates

NSW – COVID-19 Update
ASA NSW State News
IME Guidelines During COVID-19
IME Letter to ASA

NT Updates

NT – COVID-19 Update
ASA NT State News

QLD Updates

QLD – COVID-19 Update

ASA QLD State News
COVID-19 Public-Private Partnership

SA Updates

SA – COVID-19 Update
ASA SA State News
SA Enterprise Agreement

TAS Updates

TAS – COVID-19 Update
ASA TAS State News

VIC Updates

VIC – COVID-19 Update
ASA VIC State News

WA Updates

WA – COVID-19 Update
ASA WA State News