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The major objective of this SIG is the promotion of science and education by:
(a) the exchange of ideas between anaesthetists with a particular interest and involvement in regional anaesthesia.
(b) interaction with other individuals / groups, who share an interest in regional anaesthesia.


The activities of the SIG may include:

  • 4.1 Organisation of SIG scientific sessions at major annual scientific meetings / congresses. Generally, each SIG is entitled to conduct one session during one annual scientific meeting of the ANZCA or ASA or NZSA per year or, alternatively, a satellite meeting of no more than one day in association with the annual scientific meeting.

It is the responsibility of the SIG Executive Committee to decide on whether to request a segment of the scientific programme or a satellite meeting from the Organising Committee of the chosen annual scientific meeting.

This request should be made in writing at least one year in advance of the meeting and continual liaison with the scientific programme convenor shall be maintained. If any request is denied due to excess other SIGs at the meeting, it is the responsibility of the ACE to seek inclusion in other major scientific meetings / congresses.

  • 4.2 Organisation of independent SIG meetings on other occasions with the approval of the ACE
  • 4.3 Advice to the ACE on the suitability of local and overseas experts to participate in meetings
  • 4.4 Provision of a resource with respect to the appropriate standards of care in the area of special interest
  • 4.5 Advice to the ACE on the distribution of educational material
  • 4.6 Advice to ANZCA, ASA or NZSA or liaison with similar organisations in other regions of the world


Membership will be of two types.

  • Members: Fellows of ANZCA, or Ordinary Members of the ASA or NZSA who have a special interest in regional anaesthesia.
  • Associate Members: People with a special interest in regional anaesthesia who are not entitled to be full members. They may include Associate Members of the ASA or NZSA, registered Trainees of ANZCA, allied health professionals or members of other related professional organisations.
    Associate Members may only be admitted to membership after nomination by two full members of the SIG and approval by majority at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the SIG.

If you would like information on joining the Regional Anaesthesia Special Interest Group, please download the application form (below) or contact Maxine Wade RA SIG Membership on +61 2 8556 9726 for more information.

SIG application form


  • Dr Neil MacLennan (Chair)
  • Dr Brigid Brown
  • Dr Silke Brinkman
  • Dr Kelly Byrne
  • Dr Alwin Chuan
  • Dr Peter Hebbard
  • Dr Andrew Lansdown
  • Dr Yean Chin Lim
  • Dr Liz Maxwell
  • Dr David McLeod
  • Dr Christopher Mitchell
  • Dr Ross Peake
  • Dr Katrina Webster

To nominate yourself to the Executive Committee, please complete the Nomination form and return to Maxine Wade.


ASA’s NSC Sydney 20-24 September 2019
There are 2 lecture sessions planned for the NSC as well as 4 RA workshops held in-congress and run by local faculty on the Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday 21 September 2019, 1330-1500
Masterclass lectures for lower limb orthopaedics, Chair – Malcolm Albany

David Auyong – TKR
Yean Chin Lim – THR
Ajay Kumar – lower limb osseointegration

Sunday Sept 22, 1530-1700
RA SIG Session, followed by AGM
David Auyong – patient controlled regional anaesthesia
Glenn Woodworth – blocks for thoracic, chest trauma, breast
Nav Sidhu – RA fellowship guidelines

AGM to follow 1700 – 1715


Available Regional Anaesthesia Trainee Programs and Fellowships

There are currently at least 25 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand offering Regional Anaesthesia training programmes or Fellowships.
If you are interested in pursuing either of these initiatives please contact Maxine Wade, RA SIG Committees Assistant on or phone 02 8556 9726 – and she will connect you with the appropriate person.

Lipid Rescue – Log onto for further information.