Trainee membership

Who is eligible to apply?

The Society offers membership to medical graduates undertaking pre-vocational medical education and training with an interest in pursuing a career in anaesthesia, and medical practitioners registered as trainees with the Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA). *

Trainee members have access to most of the benefits of Ordinary membership except voting rights at the ASA Annual General Meeting.

*International Medical Graduates can access comparable membership benefits and rates to ASA Trainee members. Please see here for more information and to apply.

Membership Benefits

Why not learn more about ASA services and benefits directly from our members. Please view our ASA members testimonials below:

To view a full list of Trainee Membership benefits please click here.

Member Rates

ASA Trainees Category Annual rate (incl GST) Monthly rate (incl GST)
Prevocational Medical Education and Training (PMET) – includes intern/RMO Complimentary
Introductory/Basic Trainee (IBT) Complimentary
Advanced/Provisional Fellow Trainee (APFT) $510.84 $42.57

*Fees cover the calendar year and include GST. Pro-rata fees are available for those joining later in the year.

All 2021 ASA member category rates can be viewed here.

How to Join

To apply for trainee ASA membership

Applications are generally approved within three business days

*For PMET applications please provide best estimates for training commencement dates, otherwise it may delay the approval process.
If your circumstances change – the training dates can be amended later.

For further information on any of these please contact our Membership Services Team on 1800 806 654 or