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On 21 September 2021, the ACCC authorised Honeysuckle Health and nib Health Funds (ASX: NHF) to form and operate a health services buying group.

The authorisation has been granted with a condition that major insurers are not allowed to join the buying group and the authorisation will be reviewed after 5 years. This decision was upheld by the Competition Tribunal in August 2022. Click here to learn more

Despite these limitations the ASA remains strongly opposed to any arrangement whereby a health fund or broker collectively negotiates and administers contracts with healthcare providers. We believe this decision will result in lower quality healthcare for Australians.

Bundled Care models where the services provided by various healthcare providers (eg. surgeon, anaesthetist, radiology and allied health) are all ‘bundled’ together by a private health insurer or broker to obtain a single fee for the patient is Managed Care.


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