NSC presentations

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NSC 2018 recordings

NSC 2018 video playlist 

NSC 2018 Opening Ceremony

Plenary Session 1 | Chair: Mr David Kibblewhite

  • Prof. Joyce Wahr – Why is safety so hard?
  • Prof. Lorimer Moseley – Pain in the what? Contemporary concepts in pain science

Opioid prescribing and pain management

  • Dr Timothy Semple: Duped, dated, disabled or dishonest. Opioid prescribing in Australia

Women and Children – Updates in Anaesthetic Practice 

  • Dr Alicia Dennis – Obstetric emergencies for anaesthetists
  • Dr Catherine Olweny – Journal watch 2018 – what’s new in paediatric anaesthesia

Updates in Regional Anaesthesia

  • Dr Enrique Goytizolo – High volume regional anaesthesia – experience from “Hospital for Special Surgery”, New York City
  • A/Prof Michael Barrington – An update on interfascial plane blocks: anatomical concepts, mechanisms, indications and techniques.

Plenary Session 2 | Chair Prof David A Scott  

  • Prof. Lars Eriksson – Longterm brain dysfunction after anaesthesia and surgery – what we know and what we want to know
  • Hon Clinical Senior Lecturer William Harrop-Griffiths – Regional anaesthesia is good for you – or is it?

Plenary Session 3 | Chair: Dr Guy Christie-Taylor

  • Gilbert Troup Prize Session
  • Editor’s Plenary – Why does the ASA have a journal? A/Prof John Loadsman

Refresher session: Heads and Tales

  • Dr Andrew Wing – Traumatic brain injury-updates for perioperative management
  • Prof Michael Irwin – TIVA mythbusters

Refresher Sessions

  • Prof. Ellen O’Sullivan – Updates in the upper airway management: should videolaryngoscopy be our first line device?
  • A/Prof. Larry McNicol – Striving towards ZERO for deaths directly attributable to anaesthesia

Geoffrey Kaye Oration | Plenary Session 4 | Chair: Dr Peter Seal

  • A/Prof. David M Scott – Geoffrey Kaye Oration
  • Bronwyn Pearse – Patient Blood Management 2019

Refresher Session

  • Steve Lam – Septic Shock, Current Concepts and Management
  • A/Prof. David Canty – Perioperative ultrasound assessment – seeing is believing

Understanding Risk in Anaesthesia

  • Prof. Joyce Wahr – Hazards in the operating room
  • Prof. Simon Mitchell – Checklists – should I bother?
  • Dr Scott Simmons – Communicating clinical risk-what’s in a word?

Interventional Radiology Updates  

  • Dr Rebecca Scroop – Endovascular thrombectomy for stroke – procedural aspects
  • Dr Timothy Kleinig – Code Stroke – system design, patient selection and periprocedural care
  • Dr Alison Brereton – Major vascular surgery in the radiology suite

Outside the OR

  • Prof Sheila Myatra – Intubation in ICU- life saving or life threatening?
  • Prof Simon Mitchell – Anaesthesia in the deep – intensive care in hyperbaric chamber
  • A/Prof Susan Neuhaus – Medicine in a conflict zone

Closing Ceremony

NSC 2017 recordings

Saturday 7 October 2017

Plenary 1
A/Prof David M Scott & NSC2017 Convenor Dr David Law – Opening Ceremony

Kester Brown Lecture
Prof. Bruce Robinson – Doctoring from the Fast Lane  Bridging the Elements of Work, Life and Family

Plenary 2

Prof. Michael Avidan – The Crisis of Reproducibility in Scientific Research

Dr Philipp Lirk – The Big Data Revolution & What it Means for the Anaesthetist

Anaesthesia & Social Media    

Dr Ben Piper – Anaesthesia & Social Media- What it is, What it isn’t, and Professional Responsibilities

Dr Andy Pybus – Using your Smartphone to Make the Anaesthetic Machine Smarter

Dr Ryan Juniper – Smart Anaesthesia – The Role of Smartphones in Future Anaesthesia Practice

Anaesthesia in the Elderly

Prof. Michael Avidan – Grandpa’s Brain: Is it at Risk from Having Anaesthesia?

Prof. David Story – Frailty: Do You Really Know It When You See It?

Dr Hannah Seymour – Using Data to Drive Improvements in Care in Hip Fractures in WA

Anaesthesia in the Elderly Q & A

Sunday 8 October 2017

Plenary 3  

Prof. Avery Tung – Nonrational factors in medical decision making 

Prof. David Story – Wot I Learned in Books

Investigation & Monitoring  

Dr André Bourgeois – Beyond ACC/AHA 2014: The Future of Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation 

Clin. A /Prof. Paul Stewart – Neuromuscular Monitoring 

Dr Philipp Lirk – Epigenetics: a New Research Field with Perioperative Implications

Q & A Investigation & Monitoring

Anaesthesia and Inflammation

A/Prof. Michaela Lucas – Influence of Stress on Immune Function

Prof Tomas Corcoran presented by Dr Andrew Toner – Anaesthetic Modulation of the Stress Response 

Dr Kristine Owen – Perioperative Outcomes Linked to the Stress Response 

Safety & Prevention of Error 

Prof. Avery Tung – Challenges in Anesthesia Quality Improvement

Dr Max Majedi – Choose Your Opioids Wisely

Prof. Michael Avidan – Prevention of Anaesthetic Awareness: from Neurobiology to Clinical Practice

Monday 9 October 2017

Pioneer Lecture

C/Prof. Neville Gibbs  Plenary 4 Pioneer Lecture – Truth  the Whole Truth  and Evidence Based Medicine

Anaesthesia and Cancer

Dr Philipp Lirk – Regional Anaesthesia and Cancer Recurrence. What is the Current Evidence Base

Dr Bob Smith – Exercise in Periop Therapy for Patients with Cancer

Dr Lindy Roberts – Shakespeare’s Eye- Pain Management in Cancer Surgery

Anaesthesia & Cancer Q&A

Physiology & Outcome

Dr Tim Paterson – Blood Pressure: How Low is Too Low

Dr Dan Ellyard – Oxygen and Outcome Friend or Foe

Dr Dale Currigan – Ischaemic Preconditioning 30 Years On – Still Just a Laboratory Curiosity

Tuesday 10 October 2017

AIC Editors Session

Dr Allan M Cyna – Vasoconstrictors: A Routine Part of Anaesthesia? When Less is More!

Dr Natalie Smith – How Can We Detect ‘Brain at Risk’ Preoperatively?

Dr Meredith Craigie – Safety of Buprenorphine and Other Long Acting Analgesics for Acute Pain Management

The Great Airway Debate

Dr Fiona Wheelan, Mr Clinton Van Der Westhuyzen, Dr Andy Heard and Dr Andy Challen – CICO: Does the Small-Bore Cannula Still have a Place?

Closing Remarks/Farewell 

ASA NSC 2017 Convenor Dr David Law: Closing Remarks


NSC 2016 Recordings

Saturday 17 September 2016     

Dr Philipa Hore, Prof. Mike Scott, Prof. Olle Ljungqvist  and Dr Hilmy Ismail –  Refresher Session: Perioperative Medicine 
Dr Martin Kuper, A/Prof. Laurence Weinberg, Dr Keat Lee and Dr Paul Stewart  –  Refresher Session: Monitoring
Dr Karen Detering, Prof. Colin Royce, Prof. Linda Denehy and A/Prof. Pewter Hebbard – Refresher Session: Surgery in the Abdomen
Dr Dean Cowie, Dr Anna Englin, Prof. Bernhard Riedel and Dr Mark Alcock – Refresher Session:  Perioperative Medicine  
Prof. Mike Scott, Prof. David Story, Prof David A Scott and Prof. Alistair Royse – Refresher Session: Perioperative Medicine – Fluid and Blood
Dr John Leyden, Dr Shashi Manikappa, Dr Chris Ashley and Dr Desmond McGlade – Refresher Session: The Chest 
Dr Guy Christie-Taylor, Dr Simon Reilly and Prof. Colin Royse  – Welcome Plenary
Ms Carolyn Canfield  – Kester Brown Lecture:  Can the patient lead the perioperative team? and Dr Kester Brown What happened before is now history
Prof. Stanton Shernan  – Clinical US from 3D TOE to bedside echo: How is the world changing? 

Sunday 18 September 2016

Prof. Olle Ljungqvist – ERAS – a metabolic journey 
Prof. Stanton Newman – Cognitive recovery after surgery – the elephant in the room 
Dr Gavin Pattullo and Dr Charlotte Johnstone – Managing Patients’ pain from theatre to home
Prof. Olle Ljungqvist, Ms Carolyn Canfield , Dr Gareth Goodier, Mr David Manne and Mr Stan Goldstein – The Great Debate: Who owns the patient ? The doctor, the hospital, the insurer or the patient?

Monday 19 September 2016

Dr Guy Christie-Taylor  – Geoffrey Kaye Oration
A/Prof. David Canty –Ultrasound  for everyone – why, when and how to get there 

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Prof. Mike Scott – Implementation of an ERAS program
Dr Martin Kuper – Large Scale implementation of surgical quality improvement programs   
Dr Sally Warhaft, A/Prof. Munjed Muderis, Adj/Prof. Frank Brennan and Prof. Louise Newman – Question and Answer Forum : Beyond our Borders  

To play a playlist of all recordings please click “NSC 2016 Recording Playlist”

CSC 2015 – Darwin

Presentations from the Combined Scientific Congress held in Darwin 12-15 September 2015 can be viewed here.

NSC 2014 – Gold Coast


Saturday 4 October 2014

Drs William Harrop-Griffiths and David Bogod – The International Speakers’ Session
Drs Helen Kolawole, Stuart Marshall and Martin Culwick – Anaesthesia and Allergy Group
Drs Pierre Bradley, Guy Rees and Colin Marsland – Airway Special Interest Group

Sunday 5 October 2014

Dr Michael Barrington – Postoperative Neurological Sequelae: How Our Understanding Has Evolved and Dr David Bogod – Nerve Blocks and Negligence
Drs Philip Stephens, Peter Waterhouse, Greg Moloney and Catherine Olweny – Refresher Session 3: Paediatrics
Drs Lindy Roberts, Vanessa Beavis and William Harrop-Griffiths – Continuing Professional Development and Revalidation Forum 
Drs David Bogod, David Elliott and Naomi Achong – Obstetric Special Interest Group – Safety Issues in Obstetric Anaesthesia

Monday 6 October 2014

Dr Richard Grutzner – The Geoffrey Kaye Oration: The Anaesthesia Workforce 2014
Drs Ian Martin, Jon Whitehead, Dan Mullany and Peter Kruger – Obesity Insights – Surgery, ICU and Beyond 
Prof Eleanor Milligan, Prof Lindy Willmott, Dr Kirsten Wyssusek and Prof Stephen Lynch – Symposium To Do or Not To Do: Avoiding Futile Surgery

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Drs James Griffiths, Victoria Eley and David Elliott – Refresher Session 7: Obstetrics
Drs Kate Leslie, Michael Barrington and Prof Adrien Van Zundert – Evolving Practices, Evolving Outcomes

NSC 2013 – Canberra

Plenary Videos

Thursday 26 September 2013

Prof Mike Grocott – Lessons for Anaesthesia from Extreme Environment Physiology
Prof George Mashour – Conciousness, Anaesthesia & Cortical Communication

Friday 27 September 2013

Prof Martin Smith – New Approaches to Multimodal Monitoring in Brain Injury
Prof Tony Quail – Asthma Syndromes in Anaesthesia

Saturday 28 September 2013

Prof Colin Mackenzie – Haemoglobin based O2 Carriers: Myths, Reality and the Future
Prof George Mashour – Interfaces of Sleep and Anaesthesia
Prof Tony McMichael – Climate Change: Risks to Human Health and Connections with Anaesthesia