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The Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces Toolkit Steering Group has prepared supplementary resources that we hope will help you to navigate the toolkit, and plan and implement a wellbeing strategy for your workplace.

On this page you will find a shorter nine page version of the toolkit and a 4 page summary of key points. The full version of the toolkit can still be accessed here. You will also find the New Zealand specific resources created to supplement the toolkit for NZ departments.

We have included slide packs to help you explain the toolkit to your teams and leaders; useful articles and worksheets to help you take a strategic approach to wellbeing programmes and to understand why that is important; and some information about tools you can use to conduct a needs assessment within your department.

On behalf of the Steering Group, we hope this resource kit helps you and your colleagues to support the mental health and wellbeing of the anaesthetists and anaesthetic trainees in your department or healthcare facility.

The original toolkit contains a wealth of evidence gathered from extensive literature reviews and interviews with anaesthetists. The summary documents explain in brief how the toolkit works and present an overview of the five strategies for creating a healthy workplace.

The ASA hosts a forum for those implementing the LLHW toolkit or interested in the wellbeing of anaesthetists. Anyone can apply for access to the forum by contacting the ASA.

Please click here to access to the forum.

Here you will find a road map for using the toolkit, which might help you visualise how it all works, and a self-assessment tool to use in the early stages of toolkit implementation.


The attached articles are also useful for understanding how you might take a more strategic approach to improving departmental wellbeing, including a recently published article by Shrivastava and McDonald on using the framework in the LLHW toolkit to design and implement a framework for wellbeing.

Needs Assessment

It can be challenging to get buy in from leadership teams or managers without being able to demonstrate a need, particularly if resources are needed in the form of time or money. A needs assessment can give you the lever you need to engage your leaders and to get executive buy in for wellbeing programmes. This could come in the form of a formal wellbeing survey, such as the Well-Being Index or the Professional Fulfilment Index.

Please click on the following links to download the needs assessment:



NZ Specific Resources

The original Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces toolkit was developed in Australia, and therefore many of the resources are only available to doctors in Australia. The Australian websites are still worth a look as they contain many useful ideas for anaesthetists in New Zealand as well, however the NZ Supplement has been created to include NZ Helplines, resources and websites specific to our country.

Please click on the following links to download the NZ specific resources:

Members of the steering group have prepared slide decks for those who want to present the toolkit to their leaders or teams. There are explanatory notes below the slides.

Please click on here to download the slides:

Dr Suzi Nou has recorded a video of her talk to further inspire you!