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The 2021 Conjoint ASA NSC/QLD ACE meeting was held entirely online recently. The content is now available on the ASA website for another 2 months (1 September to 31 October ).

Delegates can request access by emailing .

The 2021 Conjoint ASA NSC/QLD ACE meeting recordings:

Friday 23 July 2021 (Trainee Day)

Block Master Class | Dr Michael Kerr

Career Decisions and Private Practice | Dr Anthony Coorey and Dr Robert Edwards

Performance Under Pressure | Dr Emily O’Leary

Training with Children and Taking Leave | Dr Anna Pietzsch

The Tess Cramond Prize Session | Dr Sarah Bowman

Final Exam Prep Workshop | Dr Vida Viliunas OAM and Dr Anthony Coorey

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Saturday 24 July 2021

Part 1: 

Kester Brown Lecture – The Rebirth of the Pandemic Age: Lessons learned from COVID | Prof. Edward Holmes

ACE | The Future – Disruptors in Scholarly Communication: do medical journals have a future? | A/Prof. John Loadsman

ACE | The Future – The current and emerging trends in the Australian healthcare market | Mr. Sean Lowry

Paediatric Refresher

  • Perioperative anxiety – why it is important to manage and how | Dr Alex Donaldson
  • Emergence delirium – the research, prevention and treatment | Dr Adam Keys
  • Emergence delirium – the research, prevention and treatment | Dr Paul Lee-Archer
  • Paediatric Pain: Update on current Practice | Dr Mark Alcock

Future of Digital Health in Australia | Rowan Ellis

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Part 2

Airways SIG

  • Is HFNO really a 2-edged sword – the breath of life for the patient, but a breath of COVID for the Anaesthetist? | Dr Mark Ng & Sarah Lee
  • Objective Measures of BMV | Dr Kar-Soon Lim
  • Hurdles with Digital Airway Alerts | Alexander Cottle 
  • Standardising Difficult Airway Alert Forms | Dr Libby McLellan

Day Care SIG

  • The Geriatric Surgical Patient | Dr Cathrine Yelland, Philip Cumpston, and Ken Sleeman
  • Frailty and Perioperative Decisions | Dr Cathrine Yelland
  • Tips and tricks for anaesthetising the elderly and frail | Dr Philip Cumpston
  • Outcome results from the DayCOR survey  | Dr Ken Sleeman

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Part 3

Obstretrics SIG

  • Cell Salvage in Obstetrics | Dr Michelle Roets
  • Epidurals in Obese Parturients | Dr Sue Lawrence

W16 Hypnosis – Practical discussion on the use of hypnotic communication, managing the anxious patient, needle phobia and PONV | Dr Dinah Blunt

Regional Anaesthesia SIG

  • Block! Collaborate and Listen | Dr Craig Daniel, Dr Lucas Edwards and Paul Slocombe
  • Lumbar Neuraxial Ultrasound | Dr Lucas Edwards
  • RA Fellowships and Postgraduate RA Education | Dr Cat Bella
  • Hocus POCUS…the magic of new portable ultrasound devices | Dr Paul Slocome

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Part 4

Perioperative SIG

  • What Defines Good Perioperative Care? | Dr Catherine McDougal, Alisa Crouch, and Jeremy Fernando
  • Frontline Approach | Dr Alisa Crouch
  • Where to from here? | Dr Jeremy Fernando

WebAIRS Designing Safe & Efficient Systems

  • Setting up STARS: Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation Services | A/Prof. David Sturgess
  • Using Bowtie Diagrams for Predicting, Preventing and Preparedness | Dr Martin Culwick and Dr Yasmin Endlich
  • The Resilient Anaesthetist 2021 | Dr Stavros Prineas

Sponsored Educational 1 & 2

  • Seqirus Opioid stewardship – responsible prescribing from recovery to discharge | Dr Rowena Grice and Dr Ella Raguz
  • BD Chair: Dr Sarah Bowman Substance Use Disorder | Dr Colin Baird, Dr Naham Warhaft & Dr John Paull

Watch Saturday Part 4 Videos>>

Sunday 25 July 2021

Part 1: 

Geoffrey Kaye Oration – Challenges and Cherished Moments | Dr Suzi Nou

Plenary 2 – Keynote Presentation: Sustainability in Anaesthesia |  A/Prof. Kerstin Wyssusek

Living and Dying Symposium

  • Voluntary Assisted Dying | Dr Viren Naik
  • How to Age Well | Dr Nick John

Wellbeing SIG

  • Mindfulness on the run -how to introduce a mindfulness program into a busy department | Dr Shahina Braganza
  • Mindfulness-based anxiety management for safe performance | Dr Lan-Ho Le
  • Safety Science and Cognitive Impairment | Dr Bernard Kelly

Watch Sunday Part 1 Videos>>

Part 2


  • The Impact of COVID in our region – a series of short presentations from impacted neighbour countries | Dr Chris Bowden
  • The Impact of COVID in our region – a series of short presentations from impacted neighbour countries | A/Prof. David Pescod
  • The Impact of COVID in our region – a series of short presentations from impacted neighbour countries | Dr Rob McDougall

AIC Editors Session

  • Social media and research | Dr Richard Seglenieks
  • TRA2SH as a model for collaborative implementation in healthcare | Dr Jess Davies and Dr Rajesh Pachchigar
  • Trainee-led research networks- Australia and Beyond | Dr Adeel Aftab

Watch Sunday Part 2 Videos>>

Part 3

History SIG

  • Lee’s Synopsis of Anaesthesia and learning anaesthesia in Australia | Dr Di Khursandi  
  • Tess Cramond’s Contribution to Australian Anaesthesia | Dr Bronwyn Williams
  • The influence of J Alfred Lee on the development of anaesthesia in the UK | Dr Andrew Walpole

Acute Pain SIG

  • Opioid free anaesthesia | Dr Adrian Sultana
  • Supplemental oxygen and patient controlled intravenous anaesthesia: how can we improve safety? | Dr Gavin Pattullo
  • Updates in regional anaesthesia – tips, tricks and avoiding mistakes | Dr Michael Kerr

Watch Sunday Part 3 Videos>>

Part 4

ASA Q&A Session – Managed Care, Public in Private contracts and all other advocacy work of the ASA | Dr Suzi Nou & Dr Peter Waterhouse

Military Anaesthesia Group

  • RAAF Aeromedical Evacuation from Antarctica to White Island and more | Wing Commander Howard Roby
  • The next decade of deployable ADF anaesthesia and surgical capability | Prof. Michael Reade AM
  • Contemporary approaches to haemorrhagic shock and damage control resuscitation | Mark Midwinter 

Neuroanaesthesia SIG

  • Perioperative stroke: an emerging epidemic in non-cardiac surgery? | Dr Jonathon Fanning
  • Anaesthesia and perioperative neuroprotection for endovascular stroke therapy | Dr Danielle Crimmins
  • Advanced brain monitoring | A/Prof. Laurence Weinberg

Morbidity and Mortality Meeting (ACE) – Unpacking what can be learnt from a variety of complex cases | A/Prof. Laurence Weinberg, Dr Genevieve Goulding, and Dr Patrick Clancy

Hot Topic Update

  • Medical Marijuana – Weeding out the anaesthetic issues! | Dr Jo Rotherham
  • Perioperative Patient Blood Management – How prepared is your patient for surgery? | A/Prof. Kerstin Wyssusek

Med Education and Simulation SIG – Leadership in a Crisis | Dr Suzanne Bertrand, Dr Michael Fanshawe, Dr Jennifer Gaffney, and Dr Conrad Macrokanis

Watch Sunday Part 4 Videos>>

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