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webAIRS ANZTADC Case Report Writing Group - Biting through the stem of reinforced Laryngeal Masks (LMs), September 2022

Three incidents have been reported to webAIRS concerning patients biting through the stem of a flexible Laryngeal Mask (LM) at the time of emergence from anaesthesia while returning to consciousness.


webAIRS ANZTADC Case Report Writing Group - Lingual Nerve Injury, June 2022

WebAIRS recently received a report of lingual nerve (LN) palsy associated with a dual lumen supraglottic airway device (DL-SGA). The patient woke with a bilateral lingual nerve neuropraxia, described as numbness in the front half of tongue. There was no motor involvement, with normal speech, tongue movement, and eating. They had not noticed less taste until they were asked. It was unchanged three days later. A search of the webAIRS database using structured query
language revealed that a further 15 cases have been reported making 16 in total.  In the webAIRS case series, five were associated with the use of a standard single-lumen SGA and 11 with a DL-SGA.


COVID-related Anaesthetic incidents reported to webAIRS, March 2022

In January 2022, a search of the webAIRS bi-national anaesthetic incident database was conducted. This included the search terms “COVID”, “CV-19”, “Masks”, “N95”, “PPE”, “protect”, or “pandemic” over the period from 11/3/20 to 14/1/22, yielding 76 reports.


webAIRS News - A Bowtie analysis of Medical Device and Equipment incidents, September 2021

In this edition of Australian Anaesthetist, a Bowtie Analysis has been performed on the incident reports involving Medical Devices and Equipment among the first 8000 incidents reported to webAIRS. This main category of incidents accounted for 959 (12%) of the first 8000 reports in an initial interim analysis.