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ASA recognises the integral role played by practice managers in assisting anaesthetists to carry out their work to the highest possible standard.

We have relaunched and promoted the benefits an ASA Registered Practice Manager gets from the ASA to support their career. This includes registration for the Practice Managers conference, quarterly enews, a dedicated portal on the ASA website accessed only to Practice managers as well as a wealth of new initiatives. Visit the ASA Registered Practice Managers network here.

Practice Manager Conference

The Practice Managers Conference is a full day of educational lectures targeted at Practice Managers in the medical industry.

It is an interactive day that covers professional and continuing medical education issues.

Topics covered include:

  • Economic Advisory Committee Chair update
  • ASA services – how we can help
  • The role of the Business Manager
  • HR management
  • Australian Privacy principles
  • Challenges facing Practice Managers
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Plus more!

Practice Managers enews

Our Practice Managers quarterly newsletter offers the chance to connect directly to practice managers and is focused on the hot-button topics that appeal to these front-line decision makers. Sponsors can place an ad/share information about their products and services that reaches directly to the front of the office.

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