Diversity and Equity Policy

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The Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) welcomes diversity and is committed to equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work. Diversity is valued within the Society.

We positively seek to reflect diversity in:

  • the composition of our governance bodies, volunteer committee’s and workforce
  • to ensure there is equality of access to the services the ASA provides and
  • that we are responsive to the needs of the membership and those who work for the Society.

The ASA recognises that discrimination exists against individuals and groups in society and is committed to ensuring that equality of opportunity becomes an integral feature of all its activities. The ASA aims to eliminate discrimination generally and in particular on grounds of, age, disability, gender and sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief and gender reassignment.

All Board and committee members, employees and volunteers are required to comply with the above policy statement and cooperate with diversity and equity measures introduced by the Board of Directors designed to implement and monitor it. Not doing so may result in disciplinary action. Any employee having a complaint of discrimination or harassment is encouraged to raise the matter under the ASA existing Human Resources policy and grievance procedures.

All of the ASA’s appointments and employment considerations will be made in accordance with the statement above.

When considering formal partnerships and collaboration with other organisations, the ASA will seek those that share our commitment to equity and diversity and can where possible demonstrate this in their own policies and activities.