Post anaesthesia

After the operation

Your anaesthetist, with recovery room staff, will continue to monitor your condition well after surgery is finished to ensure your recovery is as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

You will feel drowsy for a little while after you wake up. You may have some discomfort or pain, a sore or dry throat, feel sick or have a headache. These are temporary and usually soon pass.

To help the recovery process, you will be given oxygen to breathe, usually by a clear plastic facemask, and encouraged to take deep breaths and to cough. Only when you’re fully awake and comfortable will you be transferred either back to your room, ward or a waiting area before returning home. Don’t worry if there is some dizziness, blurred vision or short-term memory loss. It usually passes quite quickly.

If you experience any worrying after effects, you should contact your anaesthetist.

Going home

The best part is that most people now go home on the day of surgery.

If you are having ‘day surgery’ make sure there is someone to accompany you home.

For at least 24 hours do not:
drive a car
make important decisions
use any dangerous equipment or tools
sign any legal documents
drink alcohol.